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Currently Working Non-union?

Are you a construction worker interested in the benefits and stability of union membership?

If you are a construction worker in the Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho region and would like to continue your career with better wages, family health care, dignified retirement, access to education and skill upgrades, safe working conditions, and representation then you’ve come to the right place.

Your experience, hours worked, knowledge, aptitude, and field of interest will determine your construction union of choice and whether you qualify as a “Journey” or “Apprentice” level worker. 

A Journey level worker is fully qualified in all aspects of the craft.  An Apprentice level worker is qualified to safely be on construction sites to earn while they learn to become fully qualified.  Depending on experience, apprentices earn 60%, 70%, 80%, or 90% of journey level wages.

Health care and pension benefits are the same for journeymen and apprentices and are in addition to hourly wages.      

Because each construction craft requires unique knowledge and skill each craft union and associated apprenticeship program has their own standards.  Each person’s circumstances and interests determine union affiliation and status.


Boilermakers Local 242
Bricklayers Local 3
Electrical Workers Local 73
Elevator Constructors Local 19
Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local 82
Iron Workers Local 14
Laborers Local 238
Operating Engineers Local 370
Painters & Allied Trades District Council 5
Plasterers & Cement Mason’s Local 72
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 44
Roofers Local 189
Sheetmetal Workers Local 55
Sprinklerfitters Local 669



President – Deven Johnson
Vice President- Donnie Patterson

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